When Will I Receive My Order?

Orders are currently shipping within 10-12 business days plus time in transit. If an order is needed sooner please call 1-800-447-9430 or email orders@westartusa.com. Some orders can be rushed but will acquire a $50 rush charge.

Do You Charge For Shipping?

Yes, we do charge for shipping. We ship via UPS or R&L Carriers. If you would like to ship using your own UPS account we do charge a fee of $10.00 per box. This covers our shipping supplies.

Do You Charge to Drop Ship to an Address Other Than My Own?

Yes, there is a drop ship fee of $8.00.

Do You Ship To Canada?

Yes, we do ship to Canada. Please email your order to orders@westartusa.com

Do You Ship To Country “X”?

Yes, we can ship all around the world.

Do You Make Custom Sculptures?

Yes, we do make custom sculptures. Please email orders@westartusa.com. We will need the following information: What does the piece look like? Do you have pictures or an actual piece? What size would you like the piece to be? How many pieces? Do you have a budget? When are the pieces needed in hands?